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Relay bicycle tour
for a non-doped nature

  Opposed both to the spirit of competition in sports which has led to doping and to that of productivist agriculture that has resulted in genetically modified plants, we launch a three- week relay-trip in the spirit of cooperation and solidarity.

 Altertour is another Tour de France, which denounces doping of all forms : in sports because it is harmful for sportspeople serving the interests of sponsors and in agriculture because it destroys the farmers and the biodiversity for the exclusive benefit of multinationals producing GMOs and agrotoxic products.

  This tour de France "à la carte", is open to everybody from every country who wants to share with others a nice and collective experience, discover preserved regions in this country and say : "We want a non-doped world".

  This travelling demonstration wants to bring a support to those, men and women all over the world, who fight against doping in agriculture, against the destruction of biodiversity and the very existence of farmers.

  Altertour takes part in the international campain entitled "2008 : Ban-GMOs Year".


Altertour means ...

- un loop of 2000 miles, including 300 ml of green paths travelled in relay stations every 10 miles.

- 200 organizers in 10 French regions,

- 1000 bikers on 23 stages,

- 40 local events,

- 6 000 guests at 40 festival sites,

- 18 partner-organizations.

 Unexpected anti-doping controls
Corn leaves will be collected along the tour, and will undergo tests for detecting the possible presence of a Bt transgene. Results will be broadcasted at each following evening stage festival.

 A trip through relay stations
Each participant takes one of the shared alterbikes, and rides a circuit link of a few kilometers. Then (s)he gives the relay-stick and the bike to a partner who travels through the next link, and so on all along a big loop that crosses 10 French regions.

 Educative and festive events
At midday and in the evening the participants can attend conferences, exhibitions, movies and visits organized by local committees. They will cover different aspects of resistence to the destruction of cultural, linguistic and bio-diversity (program).

 ATour through the "Green Paths"
From towing-paths to ancient railways, Altertour will cross some of the most authentic, peaceful and colourful places of France, beautiful landscapes, charming villages as well as small towns and cities that want to save their douceur de vivre against standardisation, and many of which declared themselves also "GMO free".

 Information conducted party
with a library-bus showing books on Ecology and solidarity, including a collection of alternative agricultural practices, published by the Altertour producers.

Supported by the "Un Monde Par Tous" Foundation